Castell Team


Some 50 dedicated employees work with passion at the Castell in the areas of architecture and art – season after season. People with different backgrounds, education, skills, and ages.

Their common goal is to provide the best possible service, to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your stay at the Castell – a common goal that is clearly reflected in the hotel’s high standards.

Christine Abel & Matthias Wettstein


"There is power in tranquility" is Matthias Wettstein's credo and he has chosen the perfect place - the power spot "Chastlatsch" - for his work. This is also no coincidence for Christine Abel, who appreciates working exactly where others spend their vacations: in the paradise of the Engadine. For both of them, lifestyle and enjoyment play a major role at the Castell, because here guests can let go and let themselves be surprised. While Christine reads the guests' wishes from their eyes, Matthias amazes them with his unobtrusive openness. 

Rüdiger König


Honest craftsmanship characterizes Rüdiger König, for whom happy Castell guests who come back again are the main goal. It is important to him that his products are of high quality and come as far as possible from Switzerland. When Rüdiger is not in the kitchen, he devotes himself to music or winter sports. Fly fishing is also one of his hobbies. 


Anna-Katharina Güsser & André Petruska


The two have one thing in common: their charm and love for their profession. With wit, inner calm and good team play, they make the ambience in the Castell Restaurant perfect. If our guests need a wine recommendation, they have the choice, because both of them know their way around fine wines wonderfully. For successful Castell vacations, Anna-Katharina recommends getting up early in the morning, enjoying a hearty breakfast and then rocking the slopes. André would enjoy his time as a guest at the Red Bar or on the sun terrace.

Moritz Wermers


Once you get to know Moritz, you will never forget him. Moritz is authentic and has an infectious enthusiasm for his profession. For him, "problem" is a foreign word, because for him the solutions are always in the foreground - and of course the guests. The view of the mountains, the good air and the numerous activities that can be done in the Engadine inspire him every day anew. Cheers! 

Sarah Schärer

Head of Housekeeping

Practical work and tidiness are among Sarah's strengths. Luckily, that's the case, because thanks to her and her strong housekeeping team, things look piccobello at the Castell. She fits into the Castell like a glove, because she remains open and friendly even in hectic moments. If she were a hotel guest herself, she would get out of bed early in the morning in winter, enjoy the empty ski slopes, sip a hot chocolate at the Red Bar, and in the evening take a well-deserved sauna session in the rock sauna.

Antonio de Melo


He is the "multitasker" balancing the requirements of suppliers, contractors, employees, guests and apartment owners. This requires flexibility, a good sense of humour and reliability. Antonio De Melo values his varied work in a great team and enjoys impressing our guests with the hotel’s efficiently working state-of-the-art equipment.

Romina Huber


Romina is in the right place with us: at the front. With her attentive and winning manner, she has the scepter in her hand at our reception. For her, teamwork is the be-all and end-all, and if you want a tip on where to go, you won't get a standard answer. Her tip for a perfect Castell vacation is a fast sledding tour followed by a reward in the Hamam, at the Red Bar and a fine dinner.