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Castell Art Weekends


A regular occurrence at the Castell is its Art Weekends with renowned artists, which are curated by owner and art connoisseur Ruedi Bechtler himself. During the Castell Art Weekends, you can learn the latest news about art firsthand, meet exciting artists, partake in stimulating discussions, network, and visit art and unique buildings in the immediate vicinity of Zuoz. Quite often, these events and artistic interventions leave behind permanent artworks that enhance the Castell.

Castell Art Weekend 2024

ArtWeekend date 2024 from 13. to 15. september!

Information and Artists coming soon!


The following artists have visited the Castell for an Art Weekend or other art event: Roman Signer, Carsten Höller, Pipilotti Rist alone and together with Gabrielle Hächler, Tadashi Kawamata, Ben van Berkel, Johanna Dahm, Laurende Weiner, Liam Gillik, Sarah Morris, John Baldessari, Simon Starling, Erwin Wurm, Chantal Michel, Olaf Breuning, Nicolas Party, Tobias Madison, Katharina Grosse, Elodie Pong, Tezuka, Gerda Steiner und Jörg Lenzlinger, Nic Hess, Martin Senn, Tilo Hoffmann, George Steinmann, Maria Loboda, Mark Dion, Dara Sherwood (list incomplete, random sequence).

Art at the Castell