Culinary Art

Restaurant in Zuoz, Engadine


In the Castell kitchen, the guest is not only the king, but is cooked by a king from now on. Rüdiger König does not commit to any one line; he describes his cuisine as honest and grounded craftsmanship, where happy guests who come back again are the main goal. It is important to him that the products used are of high quality and come as far as possible from Switzerland. Given the geographical location of the Engadin, however, the Italian border regions may also count towards regionality. Vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy a culinary excursion. 

Breakfast at the Castell

Cheese from the Pontresina alpine dairy, organic free-range eggs from the Casty family from Zuoz, coffee from the Badilatti roastery in Zuoz, Al Canton tea from le Prese and many other fine regional products are available on our breakfast buffet.

Our breakfast is included in the room price. You are also welcome as external guests and can help yourself to the buffet for CHF 29.00 from 7.30 to 11.00.


Character comes before mainstream. Our heart is beating for authentic wines of local grape varieties, origin, and terroir. The climatic conditions and the passion of the producers should be noticeable in the glass. The main emphasis is on the Alpine region, complemented by excellent rare and favourite wines from other regions.

Our wine menu


The Art Nouveau hall of the Castell is a stucco dream, making every dinner a special experience. The ambiance is complemented by professional yet uncomplicated service à la Castell. When purchasing produce, the kitchen team pays attention to the highest possible authenticity and appropriate sustainability. The keywords are simplicity, quality, authenticity, regionality, and seasonality. Bon appetite!


The over 100-year-old dining room from the Art Nouveau period is a sweet dream of stucco, making a culinary evening with family and friends an unforgettable experience. Discrete grandeur and ambiance are complemented by attentive service à la Castell.


No less enchanting, situated directly next to the main hall with artistically designed wallpaper by the artist Nicolas Party in lively bistro style.


If you like a unique decor, take a seat in the wondrous Jägerstübli, designed by the world-famous artist couple Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger.