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La:Bruket - our new care products

Treat yourself and your body to a piece of nature, with a touch of Sweden, in the middle of the beautiful Engadine!

More than 10 years ago, ceramic artist Monica Kylén created a handmade soap for one of her exhibitions, enriched with essential oils of rosemary, sage, lemongrass and lavender. The demand was so great that she founded the label "L:a Bruket" together with her husband Mats Johansson. The philosophy behind the products originate from the 200-year-old tradition of "thalassotherapy", where you bath naked in seawater. Matching the slogan: Innovation - driven by nature and not by chemicals.

Inspired by Sweden's harsh climate, intense sun, strong wind and salty water, L:A Bruket offers plant-based products for the face and body. High quality and natural ingredients along with fragrant essential oils, form the heart of this special line. Nordic purity brings together product tradition with a modern perspective, offering well-being for the whole family.




Traditional massage

Releases muscle tension and energy blockages.

30 minutes CHF 75.-
60 minutes CHF 125.-
90 minutes CHF 180.-

Sport Massage

Before or after exercise, individual and with a different focus depending on the type of sport – activating and revitalising.

30 minutes CHF 80.-
60 minutes CHF 130.-
90 minutes CHF 180.-

Manual Lymph Drainage

Strengthens the body’s immune system, drains tissues, detoxifies and soothes. A gentle, calming and extremely relaxing massage.

60 minutes CHF 140.-

Refelexology Massage

Foot reflex-zone massage that improves circulation to the organs and releases blocked energy.

30 minutes CHF 75.-
60 minutes CHF 125.-

(Intervertebral) Disc Massage by Breuss

Relaxing St. John’s Wort oil is massaged along the spinal column using gentle hand movements. The spinal column is gently stretched, allowing the discs to «breathe» and improving energy flow.

30 minutes CHF 75.-


Hot Stone

Experience an Asian body treatment with heated lava stones. The soothing warmth relieves tension and stimulates the energy centres of the body.

60 minutes CHF 140.-
90 minutes CHF 180.-

Herbal Stamp Massage

A highly relaxing and purifying full-body massage that stimulates blood circulation and energy flow. The skin is gently exfoliated and the body massaged intensively.

60 minutes CHF 140.-
90 minutes CHF 180.-

Baby Boogie for expectant mothers

Relaxing full-body massage in the side position for holistic well-being for mother and child.

60 minutes CHF 130.-

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

This traditional Hawaiian massage is a mixture of ritual, bodywork and dance as once practised in the temples in Hawaii. It resembles the strong, wave-like dance of the sea to soothe mind, body and soul. Through deep relaxation in a respectful atmosphere, you leave everyday routine behind and enter a place of harmony and balance. The goal of this attentive massage is to regenerate and bring you back into harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

60 minutes CHF 140.-
90 minutes CHF 180.-

Relaxation Massage for Children

A relaxing, gentle massage for children to calm down.

30 minutes CHF 65.-

Facial Treatments

Face Treatment "Castell"

For radiantly beautiful skin, includes the soothing natural products of L:A BRUKET, along with skin analysis, deep cleansing, face, neck and throat massage, mask, day protection and home care advice. 

60 minutes CHF 135.-
90 minutes CHF 170.-

Teenie Facial Treatment

Young skin needs special attention, which we are happy to give it.

30 minutes CHF 65.-

Express Facial

Gentle skin cleansing with peeling and nourishing face, neck and throat massage

30 minutes CHF 75.-



A creamy scrub of natural almond and olive pit granules cleanses the skin deeply and moisturises. Lady‘s mantle and Edelweiss extracts purify the complexion.

30 minutes CHF 75.-


High-quality vegetable oils containing stimulating extracts from Swiss mountain herbs nourish the skin during and after the massage with precious natural ingredients.

30 minutes CHF 75.-
60 minutes CHF 130.-
90 minutes CHF 175.-


waxing: upper lip or chin

15 minutes CHF 20.-

waxing: armpit

20 minutes CHF 35.-

waxing: bikini line

25 minutes CHF 40.-

waxing: half leg

30 minutes CHF 60.-

waxing: full leg

45 minutes CHF 85.-

waxing: back or chest

30 minutes CHF 60.-

eyebrow correction

15 minutes CHF 25.-

eyebrow tinting

15 minutes CHF 25.-

eyelash tinting

20 minutes CHF 30.-

eyebrow an eyelash tinting

30 minutes CHF 45.-

eyebrow and eyelash tinting and shaping

35 minutes CHF 55.-

manicure without varnish

45 minutes CHF 65.-

manicure with varnish

60 minutes CHF 80.-

pedicure without varnish

60 minutes CHF 75.-

pedicure with varnish

60 minutes CHF 90.-

varnish change (hand or food)

20 minutes CHF 30.-

Massage times & in case of cancellation

Please note that changing and resting are included in the massage times.

If you cannot make it to your massage or cosmetic appointment, please let us know 24 hours in advance.  Otherwise, you will charged 50% of the booked service. We thank you for your understanding.