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Art Public Plaiv


A wide variety of art projects and events in public spaces can be found in the immediate vicinity of the Castell, as well as exciting art galleries featuring temporary exhibitions.

Public Plaiv

Art Public Plaiv is a project of contemporary art in public spaces in the La Plaiv region. Here in the Upper Engadine, in the landscape and settlement areas of the municipalities of La Punt Chamues-ch, Madulain, Zuoz and S-chanf, the intensive tourism meets with traditional cultural practices. The works of art that have been created in the context of Art Public Plaiv focus on the cultural and economic demands that characterise public life.
Between regional life and global networking, self-image and touristic cliché, these exhibits open up a field of modern thinking and behaviour. It is a research project of the "Fine Arts" study programme of the School of Art and Design Zurich in collaboration with the Institute of Art History of the University of Zurich, the WOP (Wirtschaftsorganisation Plaiv, the four municipalities in the region), and the Walter A. Bechtler Foundation for art in public spaces. Through Ruedi Bechtler, the project is closely linked to the Castell. It aims to promote cultural tourism in the region.


Galerie von Bartha

The focus of the gallery is on constructive and abstract art and the design of the 20th century.

Somvih 46, S-chanf

Galerie Tschudi

Modern Art in a stylishly renovated Engadine house from the Middle Ages.

Chesa Madalena,
Somvih 115, Zuoz

Galerie Monica de Cardenas

Contemporary art at a high level in a converted Engadine farmhouse.

Chesa Albertini, Zuoz

Galerie Peter Vann

In a splendidly renovated Engadine house, the gallery of the legendary photographer Peter Vann presents exciting art that exudes the unconventionally charming character of its inhabitants.

Somvih 24
7525 S-chanf

Stalla Madulain

New Art Gallery for Engadine Art in Madulain.

Via Principela 15
7523 Madulain

La Suosta

La Suosta is the name of the new Art Gallery of Silvia Stulz-Zindel in Madulain

Muzeum Susch

The MUZEUM SUSCH is a space for argumentation and research based on the laboratory character of an art gallery. Founded by Grazyna Kulczyk, the Polish entrepreneur and long-time supporter of contemporary art.

Kaffee Museum Caferama

The Caferama, the in-house coffee Museum of Café Badilatti, offers a fascinating introduction to the world of the brown bean. Visitors can learn the entire history of coffee production and trade.

Chesa Cafè
7525 Zuoz

An overview of other galleries in the Upper Engadine can be found here.