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Massages in the hamam

  Length Price
Lomi Lomi Nui 25 minutes CHF 80.-
  45 minutes CHF 125.-
  90 minutes CHF 170.-

The traditional Hawaiian massage is a mixture of ritual, bodywork and dance as once practiced in the temples in Hawaii. It resembles the strong, wave-like dance of the sea to soothe mind, body and soul. Through deep relaxation in a respectful atmosphere, you leave everyday routine behind and enter a place of harmony and balance. The goal of this attentive massage is to regenerate and bring you back into harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

Traditional massages

  Length Price
Full body massage 75 minutes CHF 155.-
  50 minutes CHF 95.-
Partial body massage 25 minutes CHF 60.-

Releases muscle tension and energy blocked by today’s way of life.

  Length Price
Sport massage 75 minutes CHF 155.-
  50 minutes CHF 100.-

Before or after exercise, individual and with a different focus depending on the type of sport –activating and revitalising.

  Length Price
Back / neck massage 25 minutes CHF 60.-

Releases tension in the back and neck area.

  Length Price
Migraine therapy 25 minutes CHF 60.-

A special neck and head massage to reduce tension and promote circulation. Relief of pain using energy and tension-releasing techniques.

  Length Price
Manual lymph drainage 30 minutes CHF 70.-
  60 minutes CHF 110.-

Strengthens the body’s immune system, drains tissues, detoxifies and soothes. A gentle, soothing and extremely relaxing massage.

  Length Price
Reflexology massage 50 minutes CHF 95.-

Through foot reflex-zone massage, circulation to the organs is improved and blocked energy is released. This massage promotes self-healing powers and harmonizes the entire body.

  Length Price
Stomach massage 25 minutes CHF 60.-

A special massage for the intestines, especially recommended for digestive disorders and detoxification.

  Length Price
Intervertebral disc massage by Breuss 25 minutes CHF 60.-

Relaxing St. John’s wort oil is massaged along the spinal column using gentle hand movements. The spinal column is gently stretched, allowing the discs to “breathe”. The flow of energy through the spinal column is improved.

  Length Price
Relaxation massage for children 20 minutes CHF 50.-

A relaxing, gentle massage for children who have a hard time calming down.


  Length Price
Hot Stone 50 minutes CHF 110.-
  90 minutes CHF 170.-

Experience an Asian body treatment with heated lava stones. The soothing warmth relieves tension and stimulates the energy centres of the body.

  Length Price
Edelweiss herbal stamp massage 50 minutes CHF 110.-
  90 minutes CHF 170.-

A highly relaxing and purifying full-body massage that stimulates blood circulation and energy flow. The skin is gently exfoliated, the body massaged intensively and the sensual scent of Edelweiss oil initiates the perfect relaxation.

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