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Dreierlei Fleisch vom spanischen Pattanegra Schwein auf Peperoni

published: 12.07.2011

The Castell cuisine is rich in variety and creative with a balanced mix of local, regional, European and Near and Far East dishes.

This summer the concept of the Castell cuisine has been newly defined, without questioning the existing strengths.  While composing the dishes Head Chef Marek Wildenhain considers the authenticity of the ingredients, and the coherence, sustainability and origin of the products.

With a timely and gentle preparation the valuable qualities of the ingredients emerge. The taste of each resource rules over any flavors, with the exception of the Near and Far East dishes, which are bound by different flavors.
The new Castell cuisine is referred to as “Terroir Cuisine” because the origin of the ingredients should always be traceable and the individual plates should compose a unity. The “Terroir” is also a guarantee of quality, taste, sustainability and character- no matter if it comes from the region or from far away. Whatever the dish, you are guaranteed the Castell-typical variety of tastes. Guten Appetit!

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